Beware of this Scam

Public Service Announcement

A Warroad resident received a letter asking him to send $89 for a copy of his deed.  He had purchased land recently in Beltrami County.  The letter looks official and even has definitions on the backside to make it look more legitimate.  They do put disclaimers in the letter advising that they are not affiliated with any State, the United States, or County Records/Local Records Offices.  It also tells you that you can obtain a copy from the County Recorder in the county where your property is. 

This letter is a SOLICITATION trying to trick people into sending the money and they even provide an envelope to send the money in.  If you receive a letter like this, please DO NOT send them any money! 

The Roseau County Recorder’s Office only charges $1 per page and deeds are generally 1-2 pages.

Here are a few articles found regarding the solicitation letters…

Click here to see actual document.