Request a 911 Address

To request a new 911 address or update an existing address, call the Sheriff's Department at 218-463-1421.  If possible, please have the following information available: 

         Parcel number of property

        GPS coordinates of the driveway location 

        GPS coordinates of potential or existing building site.

 This information can be obtained from the online atlas on the Roseau County website:

    Parcel Number:  To obtain the parcel number, zoom into the area where the address will be located.  The parcel number is the nine digit number associated with the parcel of land where the address is going to be located.  The Parcel number can also be found on Property Tax Forms and Land Titles.

     GPS Coordinates:  To obtain GPS coordinates, zoom into the parcel or area of land where the address is going to be located.  Use the X/Y feature located on the top of the page.  Simply click on the X/Y icon and click on the location where the GPS coordinates are desired.  Other sources of GPS coordinates are Google Earth, cell phones, and GPS devices

If you have questions  or have trouble obtaining the information, call the Sheriff's Department and we will assist you.