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Susan Grafstrom
Homeland Security Emergency Management Director
Roseau County Courthouse
606 5th Ave SW, Room 132
Roseau, Minnesota 56751
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Sign up for CodeRed Weather Warnings - The CodeRed Weather Warning provides notification to citizens in the path of severe weather.  Sign up now for notifications regarding tornados, severe thunderstorms and floods.  Note:  Even if you have previously signed up for CodeRed Emergency Notification, you must re-enroll in order to add the CodeRed Weather Warning option.


Monster Guard

American Red Cross sponsored by Disney created an app called Monster Guard for children to prepare for real-life emergencies!
Follow the link to learn more.
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Severe Weather Awareness Information

Tornado Shelters


Roseau County is currently working together with the cities and a private contractor (ISC) in completing our 5 year updating on our mitigation plan. Federal requirements for participating jurisdictions under the new 44 CFR 201.6 – regulations §201.6(c)(1) involves that documentation and completion of data in order to properly be eligible for funding and grants through the mitigation plan. Roseau County is gathering this data through several detailed surveys and multiple public meetings. By working together with these cities we can better prepare for future hazards or disasters to come. Doing this will allow more specified and customized mitigation projects to favor the communities best interest while still increasing the resilience of the community as a whole.

For further information, interested in sharing ideas, or if wanting to take any of the surveys to give your input for the county please follow the link below to the webpage containing the survey links or please contact me via email, phone, or come to the Emergency Management office where we can sit down and talk about the plan as a whole with the different roles of the communities. Also if any ideas for mitigation projects for the different jurisdictions or simply want to learn more about the current or future projects please contact me.

Winter Weather Safety

With winter approaching it is the time of year for all of us to take the time to prepare in advance for the bitter cold. This can range from putting an emergency kit in your vehicles to stocking up your household and informing your family members on family plans and education for protocols for any emergencies. 

Prepping for Disaster Listed below are a series of different documents and links that will help you get started in preparing for disasters. The idea behind this is to encourage Americans to take steps to prepare for emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools, and communities. Preparing for any emergency or all hazard approach can give you peace of mind and help save lives. For further information please follow the contact information above. 


The Emergency Management office is located in the Roseau County Courthouse in the Room 132 Office Suites.

The Roseau County Emergency Management organization is a coordinating agency created by both Federal and State Laws and by County Board resolution for the purpose of saving lives and protecting property during natural, man made, and/or nuclear incidents.

The office is responsible for planning, coordination, administration and training in the areas of hazard mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. These responsibilities include: the compiling of an all hazard risk and vulnerability analysis; the installment, supervision, and dissemination of warning systems; a knowledge of local, state and federal resources; and liaison with public and private organizations, the media and all levels of local state and federal government. A large amount of time is spent meeting with the various emergency response organizations at all levels of government.

Services to the public include, but are not limited to, notifying people of suspected, pending, or actual disaster, hazards, etc and educating the public to cope with such emergencies.

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