Court Administrator

Pam Shaw
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Roseau County Courthouse
606 5th Ave SW, Room 20
Roseau, Minnesota 56751

The Court Administrators Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The Court Administrators office is located in the Roseau County Courthouse in Room 020.

To provide justice through a system that assures equal access for the fair and timely resolution of cases and controversies.   

Court Administration operates under the direction of the Minnesota Judicial Branch,  which is the third branch of State government; the other two being the Executive Branch, which is the Governor’s office, and the Legislative Branch, which is the Minnesota Legislature.

There are ten Judicial Districts in Minnesota.  Roseau is one of 17 counties that make up the Ninth Judicial District.

The Court Administrator’s Office has the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain case records for civil, family, probate, traffic (misdemeanor/petty misdemeanor level offenses), criminal (gross misdemeanor/felony/serious felony offenses), juvenile & conciliation (often called Small Claims Court) cases.
  • Jury Management – summon jurors from within the county using driver’s license records, voter records, and MN identification card records.  Jurors are available to the court for a period of four months and are notified by mail when their service is needed.  
  • Monitor files to verify that a person convicted of an offense completes the obligations of the sentence imposed by the judge.  These obligations may include payment of fines and restitution (payments to a victim), completion of jail time, education or counseling such as alcohol education, anger management counseling, Mothers Against Drunk Driving Impact Panel. 
  • Collect case filing fees and fines.  Filing fees and fines collected by court administration are distributed to the appropriate agency or fund each month.  Distribution of fines and fees are controlled by Minnesota statute. 
  • Participate and keep records at all District Court hearings, including administering oaths to witnesses.
  • Assist court customers and provide information on where to obtain court services.
  • Prepare court orders under the direction of the judge, examples include:
    • Arrest Warrants
    • Subpoenas (an order requiring a person to appear at a hearing or to produce evidence)
    • Writs of Execution (a document that gives the sheriff authority to seize wages or bank accounts of someone who owes money)
    • Writs of Restitution (a document that gives the sheriff authority to remove someone from a residence or land owned by another).

With some exceptions, court files and court hearings are open to the public.

Court calendars, on-line fine/fee payment, court records, court forms, and much more information is available to the public on-line at

A Self-Help workstation with a computer and direct-dial phone is available to the public in the Law Library at the Courthouse to find court information, print court forms, and to talk with Self-Help staff. The law library is open to the public during business hours, and provides free access for research and online legal information databases.

Thank you for visiting!

Pam Shaw
Court Administrator
Roseau – Kittson – Marshall - Lake of the Woods Counties

News & Public Notices
PUBLIC NOTICE: Citizens have reported fraudulent calls where they are told that they have a warrant and that they need to pay to resolve the warrant immediately. They are then asked for their credit card information. These calls are not from the MN Judicial Branch. The court DOES NOT call and ask for credit card information over the phone in order to pay for a warrant. If you receive one of these calls, please contact your local law enforcement agency. If you have questions about owing money to the court, please call (218)463-2541 to speak with a clerk.

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