Jeff Pelowski
County Coordinator
Roseau County Courthouse
606 5th Ave SW, Room 131
Roseau, Minnesota 56751

Joleen Kezar
Administrative Assistant

Cindy Tangen
Administrative Assistant

Patty Ignaszewski
HR / Benefit Administrator / Safety Coordinator

The County Coordinator's Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The County Coordinators office is located in the Roseau County Courthouse, Room 131.


  • Provide the County Board with pertinent information, in cooperation with the Department Heads, concerning the affairs of the county, its future financial needs, and its offices, departments and agencies.
  • Coordinate the development of the annual County budget, in conjunction with the County Board and Department Heads. 
  • Work with the County Board and Department Heads to develop and administer all applicable County policies.
  • Serve as Human Resources Director; including facilitating the development and administration of general work rules and personnel policies; support Department Heads in hiring procedures, including the administration of the County Uniform Hiring Policy; assist the County Board in negotiating labor agreements; manage all employee benefit plans; prepare and execute FMLA responses, COBRA notifications, and all other notices and reports required as per Federal and State regulations; coordinate the County’s Workers’ Compensation program; and, perform all personnel-related duties.
  • Promote and coordinate open communication between the County Board and the various operating departments, and promote inter-departmental cooperation and support.
  • Organize and direct preparation of agendas for regular and special meetings of the County Board, and attend all Board meetings.
  • Oversee the preparation of County Board minutes and prepare all necessary correspondence and follow-up.
  • Act as liaison between County and local, regional, State and Federal agencies on intergovernmental problems and activities, as applicable.
  • Communicate Board activities to the press and public.
  • Attend professional meetings and otherwise keep informed of new developments in County government operations and management.