Board of Commissioners


The County Board of Commissioners is the chief governing body of county government. County Commissioners are elected by district and serve four year staggered terms. The Roseau County Board, comprised of five commissioners, representing five districts, is responsible for the operation of the county and the delivery of county services.

Like county government everywhere, the scope of services has changed dramatically. Traditionally, counties performed state mandated duties such as assessment of property, record keeping, maintenance of rural roads, administration of elections, and judicial functions. While counties still perform those duties, a number of other responsibilities have been added transforming county government into a service  provider organization. With each passing legislative session, the responsibilities and expectations of county government grows.

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Commissioner Districts of Roseau County
DISTRICT 1 – John Horner
DISTRICT 2 – Jack Swanson
DISTRICT 3 – Roger Falk
DISTRICT 4 – Russell Walker
DISTRICT 5 – Daryl Wicklund

The Roseau County Board of Commissioners meets the second and fourth Tuesday each month at 9:00 a.m. in the Roseau County Courthouse.

The Roseau County Board meets in regular session two times monthly. Meetings are held in the County Board Room located in the Roseau County Courthouse. All Board meetings are open to the public.

The Board agenda is finalized five business days prior to a regular scheduled meeting. To have an item placed on the Agenda for discussion or for action or to receive a copy of the agenda by mail, fax or e-mail, contact the County Coordinator.

Minutes are kept of all official Board meetings to provide permanent record of the action of the Roseau County Board. Board minutes are approved as proceedings of the Roseau County Board. Official Proceedings may be viewed on-line, may be emailed, or may be read in person at the Roseau County Courthouse. Summary Proceedings are published in the official county paper of record.