elections@co.roseau.mn.us      218-463-1282



  • Serves as Chief Election Office for the county
  • Oversees voter registration and maintains the State Voter Registration system data base for Roseau County
  • Receives candidate filings
  • Oversees campaign finance reporting
  • Conducts absentee voting for State, Federal, and County elections
  • Trains election judges, head judges, and health care facility judges
  • Orders ballots and supplies for all precincts
  • Prepares ballots
  • Conducts public accuracy tests for election equipment
  • Compiles election results
  • Provides election related information to the public for State, Federal, and Local elections
  • Conducts canvass of State, Federal, and County elections

As the Elections Administrator for Roseau County, I would like to clarify information for voters who reside in a precinct other than the City of Greenbush, Roseau, Warroad or the Township of Moranville.  

You are in a mail ballot precinct and The Roseau County Courthouse is your polling place. Your official ballot will be mailed to your residence.  Our target mailing date by our vendor is October 5th.  

If you do not receive your ballot by October 12th please contact the Roseau County Auditor’s office at 218-463-1282.  

As always if you have any questions or concerns please contact the Roseau County Auditor’s office at 218-463-1282.  


 Cities / Township Polling Location  Voting Hours 
 City of Greenbush  Greenbush Community Center  7am - 8pm
 Moranville Township  Moranville Town Hall  7am - 8pm
 City of Roseau  Roseau City Center  7am - 8pm
 City of Warroad  Warroad Community Center  7am - 8pm






            Barnett Township                                            Malung Township

            Barto Township                                               Mickinock Township

            Beaver Township                                            Moose Township

            Cedarbend Township                                      Nereson Township

            City of Badger                                                 Palmville Township

            Deer Township                                                Pohlitz Township

            Dieter Township                                              Polonia Township

            Dewey Township                                            Poplar Grove Township

            Enstrom Township                                          Reine Township

            Falun Township                                               City of Roosevelt

            Golden Valley Township                                 Ross Township

            Grimstad Township                                         Skagen Township

            Hereim Township                                            Soler Township

            Huss Township                                               Spruce Township

            Jadis Township                                               Stafford Township

            Lake Township                                                Stokes Township

            Laona Township                                              City of Strathcona

            Lind Township                                                 Unorganized Townships





  • If your registration is up-to-date, your ballot for every state election will be mailed to you.

Your ballot can be returned via:

  • US Mail – postage paid - Make sure to allow 5-7 business days for mailing.
  • Drop box located in the front parking lot of the Roseau County Courthouse.
  • Hand delivered to the Auditor’s Office

Return your ballot early, then track it online at www.mnvotes.org   


Need to register?  Or need your ballot sent elsewhere? 
Update your registration or apply for an absentee ballot at mnvotes.sos.state.mn.us.
Don’t have internet? Call for application forms.


Lost your ballot?
Call or email to request a replacement ballot.


Forgot to mail your ballot?
Return your ballot in person to the Roseau County Courthouse no later than 8 pm on Election Day.

Vote conveniently, privately, and securely.

elections@co.roseau.mn.us      218-463-1282